MOUZ Clinches #1 Spot in World Ranking with Back-to-Back Victories

In a historic feat, MOUZ has ascended to the #1 spot in the HLTV World Ranking for the first time in the organization’s 22-year history. This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of two consecutive S-Tier tournament victories: the ESL Pro League in Malta and the BB Dacha tournament in Belgrade.


Dominating Performances at BB Dacha and ESL Pro League

MOUZ’s journey to the top began with their stellar performance at the ESL Pro League, where they showcased exceptional skill and teamwork to secure the championship. The momentum carried over to the BB Dacha tournament in Belgrade, where MOUZ emerged victorious with a resounding 3-0 win against Team Spirit in the Grand Final. This win marked their second consecutive S-Tier title, solidifying their current status in the competitive scene.

The BB Dacha tournament featured a total prize pool of $500,000, with MOUZ claiming the lion’s share of $300,000. Their path to the final was paved with impressive victories, including a 2-0 win against Heroic in the semifinals, a 2-0 triumph over BetBoom, and a hard-fought 2-1 victory against


The Impact of MOUZ NXT

The foundation of MOUZ’s success can be traced back to their MOUZ NXT academy project, initiated three years ago. This forward-thinking initiative has been instrumental in nurturing young talent, bringing four players and a coach from the academy into the main team. The seamless integration of these academy graduates has been a key factor in MOUZ’s rise to the top.

Among the standout performers, Adam “torzsi” Torzsas shines brightest with a rating of 1.32, closely followed by his teammate Dorian “xertioN” Bermann with a rating of 1.31. These impressive individual performances, coupled with exceptional team synergy, have been the driving force behind MOUZ’s recent triumphs.

Since 2023, MOUZ has consistently demonstrated their prowess in high-stakes matches, winning all three best-of-five Grand Finals they have contested with a score of 3-0. This remarkable consistency underscores their status as a formidable force in the esports world.

MOUZ’s rise to the pinnacle of the HLTV World Ranking is a testament to their strategic vision, dedication, and the successful execution of their academy project. As they continue to build on this legacy, the Counter-Strike community eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this team, as they gear up for the IEM Dallas event, before heading into a well-deserved break, with the yearly highlight IEM Cologne on the horizon for early August.



MOUZ IN BO5 Grand Finals since 2023

3-0 vs Team Spirit
3-0 vs Vitality
3-0 vs NaVi