MOUZ Secures Historic Victory at ESL Pro League

MOUZ continues to set the benchmark in esports, clinching back-to-back championships in the ESL Pro League. With this victory, they become the first team to win three ESL Pro League titles

The team, already renowned for their incredible performance in the last CS:GO ESL Pro League, made history by also winning the inaugural CS2 ESL Pro League. This achievement underscores their adaptability and skill across different versions of the game, marking them as a true powerhouse in competitive gaming.


Youthful Brilliance and Dominant Performance

One of the standout aspects of MOUZ’s success is the youthfulness of their lineup. They are one of the youngest teams to ever win the ESL Pro League, proving that age is just a number when it comes to talent and determination. Four out of the five players in this remarkable lineup were brought up through the MOUZ NXT system, showcasing the effectiveness of the development program in nurturing world-class talent. The team only lost two maps throughout the entire ESL Pro League. In the Grand Final, MOUZ didn’t lose a map, extending their unbeaten streak in ESL Pro League Grand Finals to a perfect 9-0 record.


Brollan’s Triumphant Return and Looking Ahead

For Brollan, this victory is particularly sweet. It’s his first Tier 1 LAN trophy since 2019, marking a significant milestone in his career. MOUZ’s stellar performance has not gone unnoticed. They have climbed to the #1 spot in the ESL Ranking and hold the #2 position in the HLTV Ranking. The journey doesn’t stop here for MOUZ. With a young, dynamic lineup and a proven track record of success, the future looks incredibly bright for MOUZ. They are set to compete in the BB Dacha tournament and IEM Dallas 2024 before going into this years player break. Until then, fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and outstanding performances from this talented squad.


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♬ Originalton – MOUZ


1st place - 3 times
2nd place - 1 time
3rd place - 3 times
4th place - 1 time
5th place - 4 times