Siuhy has officially signed a multi-year contract extension with MOUZ. Initially gaining acclaim as an academy player under the MOUZ NXT banner, he and his teammates secured victory in the WePlay Academy League in four seasons.

After that, he ventured into a year-long stint with Gamer Legion. However, he had his triumphant return to MOUZ in July 2023, a decision that proved to be pivotal for both player and organization. Since his comeback, MOUZ has experienced a surge of success, with a standout achievement being their victory in the ESL Pro League Season 18.


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“The main reason for me renewing my contract was that I know what the players that I’m surrounded by are capable of. I’ve known these guys for a long time now and we get along really well, we are able to balance work life with enjoying our time together outside of the server. I’ve always preached that chemistry and atmosphere are important to me and that is exactly what I can find here. Also, working with MOUZ and everyone that is working with us is just very enjoyable, it’s like a family.”, siuhy states.

In his role as the In-Game Leader (IGL), Siuhy has adeptly guided the team through various tournaments in recent months. They secured a third to fourth place at IEM Sydney in October, followed by a second-place finish at the CS Asia Championships in November and as already highlighted, the team won the trophy in the ESL Pro League Season 18. Always at his side are his teammates, whom he has known since his days in MOUZ NXT.

When siuhy was asked about the future of the team, he replied: “We are all still very young, we are still learning and gaining the experience that is needed to become better, so moving forward the goal is to use the available sources like tournaments, events or recognition to gain the experience and build an even stronger foundation for the team. Even though we are young, we are able to perform at the highest level and we will continue to do so. This team has a very high ceiling that needs to be reached, this will come with time and hard work.”

Siuhy expresses his commitment to personal development alongside his peers. He is enthusiastic about delivering his utmost on the biggest stages and is determined to foster continuous personal growth.

“I want to become a positive mentor for others in the team, to be able to show others what I experienced and also grow with them along the way.”, siuhy said.

“The main reason for me renewing my contract was that I know what the players that I’m surrounded by are capable of." - siuhy
Jan Dominicus
Looking into a bright future
“We are very proud that Kamil committed to MOUZ long term. Despite the interest from several high caliber teams, it shows that he believes in the future of our NXT generation. His career path starting with an ambitious polish team, moving to our initial academy roster, the incredibly successful stint with GamerLegion to gather Tier1 experience and now taking a leading role in our team, is super unique and a great example for how well he planned his career and knows what he wants. We are looking forward to support and enjoy Kamils continuous growth as a player and person. We can't wait to see what this amazing tight knit group of players can achieve NXT.”