New German Roster in League of Legends

For the new League of Legends lineup, MOUZ has gone back to its roots and signed a completely German roster. Alongside the recruitment of new players, the concept around the team has also changed. More emphasis will be placed on the training of younger players, and the team will now compete under the name MOUZ NXT.

In an interview, CBDO Jan Dominicus explains the reasons behind these changes and what fans can expect for this year.

What sets the new MOUZ lineup apart from previous lineups?

Jan: The lineup differs on several levels from the previous ones. We have always had English-speaking teams in League of Legends, and with this roster, we are switching to the native language of MOUZ: German. Additionally, the age structure within the team is different, as we now have younger players, and the ambitions also vary. In the past, we were a very successful team in the Prime League, winning multiple titles. Now, we have decided to prioritize the sustainable development of players, rather than focusing solely on results. While winning games is still a goal, it is not the primary focus.

Why was the decision made to focus on these younger players?

Jan: In the past, we struggled to differentiate ourselves from other teams in the Prime League and had difficulty establishing a clear identity for our team. With MOUZ, we have been following the philosophy of developing our own players for several years, and we have had success with this strategy in Counter-Strike with our NXT team. Now, we have decided to apply the strength we have in finding and developing talented players to our League of Legends team. Additionally, we aim to establish a closer connection to the players than in the past.

As part of this change, the team’s name is also changing to MOUZ NXT. What does that mean?

Jan: MOUZ NXT has, until now, only been established as our Counter-Strike academy team. We plan to expand the project to include multiple titles and have academy teams where we train our own players. In the case of League of Legends, there is a difference because we don’t train players for our Tier 1 roster; instead, we only compete with this one team in the Prime League. Nevertheless, our focus remains on training our players and enabling them to take the next steps in the professional scene. In the past, players have gone on to play in the LEC (former LCS) after their time at MOUZ. I believe it is the right path to play in the Prime League with teams like ours for a certain period, develop further, and then take the next step in professional esports. Accordingly, the team falls under our MOUZ NXT branding. It is also intended to ensure that our expectations for the team are not the same as for all other MOUZ teams in other titles, where we expect success at the highest level and winning titles.

What expectations are set for the team in the Spring Split of the Prime League?

Jan: My expectations are primarily that our players come together as a team, work together to improve, and learn to deal with setbacks. In this regard, we, as MOUZ, want to help them by providing the best possible support. It is common for our MOUZ NXT in Counter-Strike, that we provide the team with the same conditions as all our other teams, whether it’s about preparation, infrastructure, or staff. My expectation is that as an academy team, we can be competitive in the Prime League, continue to develop, and perhaps cause a stir in the league.

What is the goal for the entire year?

Jan: Even looking at the entire year, the goal is not results-oriented, as in other MOUZ teams. We will measure the team based on how they improve in terms of gameplay and whether they develop in terms of professionalism. We will also assess how we, as MOUZ, perform in the League of Legends scene. The focus is not on the players’ sporting success but on whether we have built a clear identity and brought the topic closer to our community. We aim to establish our strategy as a long-term approach to participating in League of Legends.

"My expectation is that we can be competitive in the Prime League, continue to develop, and perhaps cause a stir in the league." - Jan Dominic's