New MOUZ HQ creates a unique connection between esports players, fans and employees

A special experience for all esports enthusiasts: authentic, accessible, and highly modern - the new MOUZ performance and event center in the heart of Hamburg, Germany.

The new headquarters of the esports organization MOUZ will open in summer 2024. The new facility, strategically located in the heart of Hamburg, sets a new standard in professional gaming with an impressive 1,400 square meters on three levels and equipped with state-of-the-art design and technology.

The open design of all three levels symbolizes the connection between players, fans, and employees. The premises have been designed to function optimally not only for events, but also for day-to-day operations. There are three practice rooms with dedicated coaching rooms to enable training for several teams at the same time.

Innovative philosophy creates ideal conditions for teams and fans

The new MOUZ headquarters reflects the innovative philosophy of Germany’s most successful esports team and will create the best possible conditions in future – and not just for the players: for the first time, an esports organization is placing a clear focus on the bond between the esports teams and their fans.

MOUZ invites fans and esports enthusiasts to watch tournaments and team training sessions in the new arena. With the authentic arena situation, MOUZ aims to simulate competitive situations and prepare particularly young players for the atmosphere with an audience. By being close to the fans, MOUZ creates a unique connection between players as well as employees and their supporters. A large window front makes it possible to also convey the passion and emotions of the local audience to pedestrians.

Joint facility to strengthen team dynamics and bond

However, the new headquarters also focuses on the bond between employees and the teams from the various disciplines: in future, the needs of the individual team members will be addressed in an even more focused manner. For example, there is a shared lunch area so that players and employees can connect. In the long term, the new performance and event center will contribute to optimal team dynamics and an even closer bond within the organization.

The location of the new MOUZ facility close to Hamburg central station was deliberately chosen to provide easy access for players, fans, and staff alike.

The MOUZ team has been working intensively on the planning and implementation of this pioneering project since 2019. Further insights and information on the new MOUZ headquarters will be published in the coming weeks.


  • 1,400 square meters
  • 3 levels
  • arena-like event location
  • in the heart of Hamburg
  • new homebase for MOUZ
  • connecting fans, players and staff

Glockengießerwall 1
20095 Hamburg