2020 Prime League Summer Champions

The mousesports League of Legends team has won the 2020 Prime League Summer after defeating their rivals FC Schalke 04 Evolution with a dominant 3:0 victory in the Grand Final. After their silver medal finish in the Spring Split, mousesports took revenge on Schalke by winning the Summer Split and heading into the Season Finals as the reigning champion.

On March 29, amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, mousesports lost 1-3 to FC Schalke 04 in the Grand Final of the inaugural Prime League season. Ever since, the 2019 Premier Tour Champion and EU Masters Bronze Medalist worked hard to overcome their rivals from Spring split. During a rocky season, in which we had problems to find our identity, we still managed to finish on a 10-8 record to secure a playoff spot.

„We knew we would get there eventually, but at the same time we knew we had to push ourselves even further to win it all- and that is something I can proudly say we did.“ – promisq

Despite the odds of the early season struggle, the players led by head coach Alex „CandyFloss“ Cartwright managed to become a more cohesive unit, focusing on their core strengths that made them such a tough opponent during the Spring season playoffs. While our rivals Schalke 04 just needed to win one game for their second straight Grand Final appearance, we had to fight through a total of three best-of-three series to get our fair shot of revenge. Against EURONICS Gaming, Unicorns of Love and ultimately GamerLegion, the players around Niklot „Tolkin” Stüber were able to build confidence throughout their lower bracket playoff run, which culminated in a dominant 3:0 victory to become the 2020 Prime League Summer Champions.

„Coming up as the runner-up in Spring felt like a failure. We hated that feeling, and I knew we just had to give it another go and win.“ - Tolkin
Tolkin (Top Lane)
"Honestly in esport you either win or you don't matter."
"Honestly in esport you either win or you don't matter. So coming in as the runner-up in Spring still felt like a failure. We hated that feeling of defeat so much, and I knew we just had to give it another go again and win. Although we had a rocky start in summer I was confident we would be able to perform once more when it mattered most as we did the previous split when we went on our giant winning streak. Once the pressure was on- we just started winning game after game in the playoffs. And it felt exceptionally good! Especially because I wasn't satisfied with my own performance in Spring so it felt fantastic when the community bestowed the nickname ‚CEO of playoffs‘ on me. And I am thankful for the extra boost of outside-confidence it gave me.“ "Looking back at the entire season I have to say I really, really miss stage games. I was always proud to be a player my teammates could rely on and turn to when the pressure was on and there is just less of both if you are not interacting with your teammates in front of an audience. But the way we won finals is comforting. I am genuinely happy we were able to defeat such strong opposition in Schalke 04 in a clean 3-0 sweep!“
LIDER (Mid Lane)
"The prime league season was rough at the start"
"The prime league season was rough at the start because I was stupid and got myself banned, after that we had troubles finding our identity but at the end of the split we managed to play something that works for us and it has been a smooth sailing ever since then.“
CandyFloss (Head Coach)
"Everyone remained focused on our goal of winning the Prime League"
"Very proud of the players resilience throughout all the difficulties early on in the split. Everyone remained focused on our goal of winning the Prime League and our hard work paid off. Whilst we are overjoyed with the victory, we cannot become complacent because the job is not done. We want to do better than last EU Masters and we will give it our all to achieve that.“
Jeskla (AD Carry)
"We managed to became a more cohesive unit and developed a strong team identity."
"The split started out rough but as the season progressed, we managed to became a more cohesive unit and developed a strong team identity. We had a clear game plan and knew what champions we wanted to play in our series. As we got more comfortable together, I felt more confident and it showed in the finals where I performed very well on an individual level. Furthermore, with many downs during the split, I learnt a lot about myself as a person and what I can do to be a better teammate and help the team win.“
Obsess (Jungle)
"Overall this season so far has been a real rollercoaster of emotions."
"Overall this season so far has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. During preseason preparations we all thought it would be quite the easy year until reality hit us during Spring. It took a lot of willpower to get through the struggles we faced which made us end up where we are right now - as winners of the Prime League. Playing during lockdown has been alright although I’m pretty sure all of us miss playing, celebrating and just spending time as a team offline. What made us get better was a simple realization that sadly took six weeks to understand - play to your own strengths, don’t blindly copy others. Once we figured that out, Summer season & playoffs became more and more a ‚smooth sailing‘ and now the only thing that's left to do is winning what this team was put together for - EUMasters.“