Razer has developed a test kit, where all their products are contained within a hard-cover suitcase in order to give all of our players the possibility to test every product and their unique customizations. This way, they can truly find the right mouse, keyboard or headset to have a setup for success.

The cooperation between Razer and mousesports has been going on for years now and usually our players get to test new products that are coming out. However, Razer came up with the concept of the test kit, for players to have every single product in front of them to really see the differences and learn what they would like to play with best. Every player is different, and it also depends on the game they play. For CS:GO the mouse is more important than the keyboard, whilst Street Fighter V needs a well-mapped out controller and Warcraft 3 and StarCraft 2 also look at the keyboard size. 

The suitcase contains the extensive product range of Razer, which shows that vast possibilities for the players. The keyboards have different switches and some of the products are customizable by adding weights to the mouse or have extra buttons on the side, which can be added with magnets. The test kit is truly a possibility to take a closer look at all the features and test them out during practice when the players are at the training facility. 


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Frozen: “The wireless Blackshark is pretty cool. It’s extremely comfortable and has a great design.”