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The mousesports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has won the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest, Hungary. After defeating Virtus.pro with 2:1 overall in the Grand Final, the team takes home the trophy as well as €200,000 EUR prize money for first place. This marks their second consecutive championship tournament in 2018, after having won Starladder in February.


The tournament featured the two European heavyweights mousesports and FaZe Clan, as well as several teams from the Eastern European region, including Polish crowd favorites Virtus.pro. In group B, mousesports went on to win five out of their six games, only dropping a single map to VP, to top their group.


In the semifinals, mousesports faced the likes of HellRaisers and managed to claim yet another Grand Final appearance with a 2:0 victory on Mirage (16:14) and Cobblestone (16:13), to face Virtus.pro, who managed to surprise the local crowd by defeating FaZe Clan 2:0 on stage. The Grand Final was a back-and-forth affair, with both sides to have a shot at the title, but in the end, mousesports pulled through a miracle comeback on Train, winning 16:14 after a 10:14 deficit and an eco round ahead of them.



Key takeaways

Mentally strong when it matters the most

Say farewell to the times, when mousesports would fall to the pressure and crater in the important situations. In the V4 Future Sports Festival Grand Final against Virtus.pro, the team came back from losing Cobblestone 02:16 and being down 10:14 on the third and deciding map Train, with an eco round in front of them to have VP on championship point.


Previous iterations of the mousesports roster would have given up mentally on the game, but not this lineup. Led by team captain Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong, mousesports won the remaining six rounds in a row to turn a 10:14 deficit into a 16:14 victory to hoist the V4 trophy.


Able to win as favorites

Unlike other tournaments, mousesports entered the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest as the favorites beside FaZe Clan. Both teams did extremely well over the course of the last few months, so fans and experts expected nothing else than a Grand Final between these two European heavyweights. In their previous championship runs at Starladder in Kiev or ESG Tour in Mykonos, and even their 2nd place finish in ECS Season 3 World Finals in Cancun, mousesports might’ve been among the teams who could potentially win, but never they never had the pressure to be expected to win. This underdog mentality helped the team a lot to focus on their own play, celebrating each round they would advance.


In Budapest, mousesports was expected to play in the Grand Final, and - after FaZe surprisingly lost to Virtus.pro in the semis - to win it all, even before their semifinal matchup against HellRaisers. But mousesports accepted the burdening pressure and dealt with it like a championship team has to.


Map pool needs improvement

Mousesports continues to dominate Mirage: in three iterations in Budapest, mousesports managed to win all of their games on Mirage. Train has been the most played map for mousesports with four appearances throughout the tournament, with mouz winning three times, including a 16:14 victory on the third and final map in the Grand Final against Virtus.pro. Also, Nuke seems to be one of the team’s strongest maps, resulting in constant bans from the opposing team.


Only Cobblestone seems to be a weak spot for the team of Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong. A 16:13 victory over HellRaisers in the semifinals was followed by a 02:16 defeat to Virtus.pro in the Final later on. From all the maps in the current map pool, Cobblestone is the only map with a negative win percentage for mousesports currently (.308), if you cross out Cache (.333), which is usually one of the team’s veto pick in most matches.


It comes at no surprise, that the two main AWPers chrisJ and oskar are looking forward to the return of Dust II, in which case they would love to drop Cobblestone for the AWP-friendly map, when it returns into the active map pool.



Final Standings

  1. mousesports - €200,000 EUR
  2. Virtus.pro - €100,000 EUR
  3. FaZe Clan & HellRaisers - €50,000 EUR each
  4. eXtatus & Game Agents - €25,000 EUR each
  5. x-kom & Dark Tigers - €25,000 EUR each



Photo: Daniel Ranki / V4 Future Sports Festival

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