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A premier that makes us very happy. For the first time in mousesports history, we welcome a Smite division to the family. The artists formerly known as „Team Elevate“ will join Smite Pro League Season 5 wearing the iconic red colors.


Welcoming new teams is always exciting to us, especially when we join such a big community such as the Smite fanbase for the very first time. Our new division consists of the core of team Elevate, Mohaned "Cherryo" Dewedar and our new french "Bruise Brothers" Bastien "Dardez" Proust and Ethan "Jermain" Batarsè. The team will be completed by former fnatic support player Jordan "BigManTingz" Theaker-Hayes and British Solo player Nika "Nika" Pataraia. The team will be coached by rocket science student Darren "Dazer" Patrick.


"Mousesports has been an org I’ve followed in Counter-Strike for a long time and it's an honour to be working with them now as they enter Smite. It's exciting to be playing with this group of players again, we all have experience together and are confident heading into the new season" - Nika


The new roster represents a great combination of experience and individual skill, paired with team play and great spirit. While „Cherryo“ has been playing Smite since beginning and is know as the „LANimal“ within the community, for his outstanding performances at offline events, the french duo „Jermain“ and „Dardez“ are known for their aggressive and daring play style. Making them one of the most feared hunter and support lanes in the game. „As soon as we knew there were new teams coming into Smite, mouz was the organization we wanted to be a part of. I have been a fan of the org and their CS:GO team for a long time. We hope to qualify to every lan and get good results in the Pro League, but that isnt the main goal: We will use every chance we can to practice and compete and aim for one thing: Worlds 2019“, says Cherryo.


For the upcoming Smite Pro League Season 6, mousesports has big ambitions. „Smite is totally new territory for us, which makes it even more of an adventure. We want to play with the best and become one of the trademark teams within the competitive Smite scene. Our new team shares our ambitions and I am really looking forward to watch the battles with the traditional big names in the game. Our team has some really cool characters, so I am sure the mousesports fans will enjoy following the latest members of the mouz family“, says Cengiz Tüylü, CEO of mousesports.



The new season will start in mid March, when our team will compete against the best Smite squads in Europe. Until then follow our social media channels to get to know the team and be ready for the Smite Pro League season five kick off.


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  • Nika "Nika" Pataraia (United Kingdom)
  • Mohaned "Cherryo" Dewedar (Egypt)
  • Jordan "BigManTingz" Theaker (United Kingdom)
  • Bastien "Dardez" Proust (France)
  • Ethan "Jermain" Batharsè (France)
  • Darren "Dazer" Patrick (United Kingdom) - Coach

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