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Another month and another huge premiere at the mousesports office. We are excited to welcome the Rainbow 6 team formerly known as "Bird University", the first ever North American lineup playing under the mouz banner.


The new season of the Rainbow Six Pro League has started and we couldn't wait to get involved in what is shaping up to be one the biggest esports titles of 2018. We are proud to have acquired the runner up of the 2017 North American Pro League, Bird University. The team consists of coach Julian "Morxzas" Miculcy and the players, who are looking to repeat last year's success:

  • Jared "Beastly" Medeiros
  • Scott "Neptunez" Webber
  • Joshua „VNDL" Diaz
  • Mark "marK" Arismendez
  • Franklyn "VertcL" Andres Cordero


The hype around Rainbow 6 couldn't be bigger right now. "Tactical shooters are part of our DNA and as such Rainbow Six fits our brand perfectly. The game has an intense strategic depth, that I am very confident will have our fans excited for the Pro League and our new roster. With the support of Ubisoft and many new teams joining the RB6 community, the game is shaping up to be one the rising titles of 2018. February's Invitational tournament and its very engaged fanbase were more than convincing and we are looking forward for the competition to begin.“, says mousesports CEO Cengiz Tüylü.


The new line up will jump into the action right away, with the prestigious matchup against SK Gaming and eager to do some damage: "I'm super excited for the future with mouz! Being their first all North American team and being fully supported as we grow the org and ourselves as individuals. Can't wait to fly some wins under the mouz banner.", says Joshua "VNDL" Diaz.


Please give a very warm welcome to our new Rainbow 6 division and follow the first game of the team at 3am CET tonight against SK Gaming at twitch.tv/Rainbow6

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