ProblemX wins four consecutive Pro Tour events

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Ben „ProblemX“ Simon has been traveling Europe for an unmatched winning streak in the Capcom Pro Tour this year. The 25-year-old British player sits on four consecutive tournament championships since the start of September.


Strike One: Celtic Throwdown

In Dublin, Ireland, ProblemX started his dominant run in the Capcom Pro Tour on September 2nd, 2017. Coming out on top in the second to last CPT European Ranking event, ahead of Method’s Luffy and BX3 Phenom, the mousesports Street Fighter V player adds 160 points to his CPT Europe Ranking, closing in on his toughest rival Luffy, who still leads the charge.


ProblemX winning Celtic Throwdown 2017 (Photo: Capcom)


Street Grand Battle 2017

Coming off his championship run in Dublin, ProblemX went on a havoc once again, just one week after. In Lyon, France, he was able to overpower both Packz & Luffy to claim his second consecutive and his third overall Ranking Event of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour. Street Grand Battle also was the last European Ranking Event, and by adding 160 more points to his name, ProblemX took over the CPT Europe leaderboard with no more events to be played.


ProblemX winning SGB 2017 (Photo: Capcom)


EGX 2017

The freshly crowned CPT Europe winner ProblemX went head to head with some of the worlds best Street Fighter V players on home soil, as he competed in Birmingham, UK, for the EGX 2017 championship. And just like in the previous tournaments, he quickly became cryptonite for his opponents, dominating the winner’s bracket and winning EGX 2017 in front of his home crowd without losing a single set in the entire tournament. This marked his first CPT Premier Event victory of 2017, netted him a total of 400 points for the Capcom Pro Tour Global Ranking as well as earning him respect from all over the world, defeating Gachikun not once but twice in Birmingham.


ProblemX winning EGX 2017 (Photo: Capcom)


EU Regional Finals

Going into the EU Regional Finals, ProblemX was not only the highest seeded player at the event, but also the heavy favorite to take home what would be his 4th consecutive CPT championship victory in 2017. And so he did: In a once again dominating performance, he fought his way to the Grand Final, in which he gave his opponent Phenom no chance, netting his 4th CPT championship in a row, his 5th total in 2017, as well as adding 400 more points to the board. ProblemX is now ranked 5th in the Capcom Pro Tour Global Ranking as of October 2nd, and will compete in a high seed at the Capcom Cup 2017 later this year.


Furthermore, ProblemX is now on the longest winning streak in Pro Tour Top 8 brackets with a combined record of 15-0 across multiple events. And he’s certainly not done for this year.


ProblemX winning the EU Regional Finals 2017 (Photo: Capcom)



Photos: Capcom

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