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Great news for all mousesports fans. Today, we are excited to announce our new Rocket League Team. The former „Servette Geneva“ team will represent our colors in the highly anticipated $1,000,000 Rocket League Championship Series.



Our new line up consist of Alex „Alex161“ Ernst, Kevin „Skyline“ Carvalho and the latest addition Maik „Tigreee“ Hoffmann. The team will be managed by Simon „s1moN“ Bicking. Captaining mousesports will be German player Alex161, while his fellow countryman Tigreee will be in charge of putting the ball in the back of the net. Skyline, who’s originally from Portugal, but is living in Switzerland, will take charge of the defensive duties. „When mousesports came into the picture we knew right away that this was the place we wanted to go, since it is traditionally the organization to field the best German teams. Everything was perfect from day one and we hope to give some of the trust they put in us back in the upcoming season“, says team manager s1moN.


„We have a really good synergy and especially mentally we are very strong.“ - mouz Rocket League player Skyline


The group made their way into the Rocket League Championship Series through winning the promotion playoffs after finishing second in the Rocket League Rival Series Season 5 and is eager to get things started in top flight of the game: „I think we have really good synergy in our team and especially mentally we are very strong. For Season Six we are looking to establish ourselves in the Championship Series and see how far we can go“, says Skyline.


„We are very happy to add Rocket League to our portfolio. It is fast paced, easy to understand and has all the ingredients for a great spectator esports title. It is a fantastic addition for our brand and we believe that Rocket League will be a strong and sustainable part of the esports community for years to come. Next to that we clearly aim for success and I’m very confident that we found a perfect group to match our ambitions.“, says mousesports CGO Stefan Wendt.


„We believe that Rocket League will be a strong and sustainable part of the esports community for years to come“ - mouz CGO Stefan Wendt


Fans don't have to wait until early September to see our latest addition in action. The ball will be in the air tonight, when the mouz Rocket League will play its first official tournament in the Gfinity Challenger Series. Tune in and support the boys on the field tonight, starting 19:00 CEST.


mouz Rocket League

  • Alex „Alex161“ Ernst - Team captain (Twitter)
  • Kevin „Skyline“ Carvalho (Twitter)
  • Maik „Tigreee“ Hoffmann (Twitter)
  • Simon „s1moN“ Bicking - Team manager (Twitter)

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