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As of today, mousesports presents the club’s official Fortnite roster, for Epic Games’ highly popular and dynamic Battle Royal FPS title. The German team, featuring a global Top 10 player, will compete under the mouz brand in the most important tournaments and stream their gaming action live for their fans.



Fortnite has conquered the gaming community by storm, offering a fun free-to-play experience on multiple devices, from PC over consoles to mobile devices. Its easy to learn, hard to master approach has been a cornerstone of the games’ success and we’re more than happy to join the highly competitive scene, trying to bring superior teamplay to a rather wild gameplay.


„It was only a matter of time for us to jump into the competitive Fortnite scene. This game combines entertainment and competition in a unique way and at the same time it has already become a huge mainstream title. It's a natural choice for us and we are eager to start.“ - mousesports CGO Stefan Wendt


The mouz Fortnite team consists of the three German players Marvin „cRaBBLe“ Willberg, Philip „Surgetale“ Robben, as well as Tim „Möps“ Möbus and the German-born Ukrainian team captain Vlad „TheVs“ Moroz. All players have a decorated competitive gaming history in titles like Overwatch, League of Legends, Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will bring the same dedication to Fortnite, to make the mousesports brand one of the most successful in the game.


„We’re honored and proud to join such a storied organization like mousesports. It’s nice to see that our effort working on teamplay and improving ourself constantly in the last 10 months paid out and got us into the next phase of professional gaming whilst being able to represent mousesports in the upcoming tournament scene.Good times ahead for mouz & Fortnite fans!“ - mouz Fortnite team captain TheVs


For the initial start, both Vlad „TheVs“ Moroz, and Global Top 10 player Marvin „cRaBBLe“ Willberg will livestream their next steps within Fortnite over the course of the next weeks.


mouz Fortnite roster

  • Vlad „TheVs“ Moroz (Twitter)
  • Marvin „cRaBBLe“ Willberg (Twitter)
  • Philip „Surgetale“ Robben (Twitter)
  • Tim „Möps“ Möbus (Twitter)

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