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Mousesports StarCraft II player Gabriel "HeroMarine" Segat finished on second place in TaKe's Penthouse Party tournament last weekend. The 19-year-old Terran player will compete in the 14th edition of HomeStory Cup in November.

TaKe’s Penthouse Party marked Segat’s first international tournament after his bronze medal finish at the WCS Summer Circuit Championship in August 2016. With 32 of the best European StarCraft II players in attendance, HeroMarine started in group H, in which he defeated both GunGFuBanDa (GER) as well as Elazer (POL) to top his group and earn a playoff berth.


The 16 player DE bracket saw HeroMarine dealing with a rough start, as he lost his first match to Joona “Serral” Sotala, younger brother of former mousesports player Jonne “Protosser” Sotala. In the lower bracket, Segat was able to string together a total of six victories (17:7 maps) to advance to the Grand Final, where he would meet his first round opponent Serral again.


Despite starting with an one map deficit coming from the lower bracket, HeroMarine showcased a strong performance but couldn’t stop his Finnish Zerg opponent neither on Frozen Temple nor New Gettysburg. After his victory on King Sejong Station, HeroMarine couldn’t swing the momentum back in his favor, as he also lost the third map (Apotheosis) to Serral.


Coming up for Gabriel “HeroMarine” Segat is the 14th edition of the ever famous HomeStory Cup in Krefeld, held from November 17–20. In the meantime, the German player streams and commentates a lot on his official Twitch channel.

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