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What a wild ride it has been: mousesports wins second place at the ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun, Mexico, after a hard fought tournament run.


Throughout the regular season, mousesports was one of only three teams to finish with no 0-2 defeats in any of their nine BO2 matches. A final record of 13-5 (+50 round difference) set them on 3rd position in Europe, after Fnatic (14-4; +65) and FaZe Clan (13-5; +59), with Astralis securing the last Finals spot (11-7; +56).


The opening match of ECS Season 4 Finals saw mousesports knocked down to rock bottom, as they suffered a tough 4:16 blowout loss to OpTic Gaming in their first game to face elimination on the second day already. On Mirage, mousesports never found their grip on the game, securing only three T rounds in total for a 3-12 halftime deficit.


mousesports ropz after the opening game loss to OpTic Gaming

mousesports ropz after the opening game loss to OpTic Gaming (Photo:


On day two, mousesports had their backs against the wall in their elimination match against Luminosity Gaming. The best-of-three series started promising, as mousesports was able to secure a 16-9 victory on Overpass, following a dominating 9-1 performance on CT side. The second map, Nuke, quickly escalated into a blowout victory, after a 13-2 halftime lead, mousesports sealed the match to win 16-3 overall and advanced to the group A decider match against OpTic Gaming.


The stage was set for mousesports to take revenge on OpTic Gaming, for the tough loss in their opening match of the ECS Season 4 Finals. This time however, Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong and his team shut down the „Green Wall“ to prevail - a 2:0 (16-7 on Nuke; 16-12 on Overpass) victory led mousesports to their last offline semifinal in 2017.


Day three started with mousesports facing Astralis in the first semifinal in a best-of-three series. Astralis, who fielded Ruben „RUBINO“ Villarroel for the still injured Nicolai „dev1ce“ Reedtz came off a clean 2-0 groupstage victory over FaZe Clan and quickly set the pace for a 9-6 halftime lead on the first map Overpass. But mousesports found a way back into the game, winning a total of ten rounds as attacker for a 16-12 victory on Overpass to lead the series 1-0 over the Danes.

Led by Lukas „gla1ve“ Rossander, Astralis fought their way back into the series with a 16-7 victory on Inferno to force a third and deciding map against mousesports. On Nuke, mousesports was able to start off well this time, netting nine attacker rounds for a 9-6 halftime lead, before closing the game 16-9 on CT side, to advance to their 4th offline Grand Final with shooting star Robin „ropz“ Kool in the lineup.


mousesports STYKO having fun

mousesports STYKO having fun (Photo:


The last major Grand Final of 2017 saw mousesports and FaZe Clan going at each other for the ECS Season 4 championship. Right of the bat, mouz started the first map with a 11-4 halftime lead on Nuke on CT side. FaZe started to come back in the second half, but mousesports managed to claim the 30th round of the match for a 16-14 victory, to lead the Grand Final BO3 series 1-0 over FaZe Clan.

Both teams fought on even footing on the second map Inferno, as the game went into double overtime, with multiple chances for mousesports to win the championship, but FaZe was smart enough to counter every one of them, to force a third and deciding map with a 22-18 OT victory on Nuke.

The last map Mirage was set to be another thriller, as both teams traded rounds back and forth to finish 15-15 overall - overtime should decide which team would win ECS Season 4 Finals and FaZe Clan had the better end on their side, winning 19-17.


Across eleven maps in total, Mikka „suNny“ Kemppi proved to be mousesports’ best performing player during the ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun, Mexico: A rating of 1.18 with a K/D diff of +28 and a total of 12 clutches won, put him among the top 5 players of the entire event.


Final Standings

  1. FaZe Clan - $250,000 USD
  2. mousesports - $120,000 USD
  3. Astralis - $65,000 USD
  4. Fnatic - $65,000 USD
  5. OpTic Gaming - $45,000 USD
  6. Cloud9 - $45,000 USD
  7. Luminosity Gaming - $35,000 USD
  8. Team Liquid - $35,000 USD

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