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The journey for mousesports at E LEAGUE continues. Most of the analysts didn’t expect mousesports to even get out of groups in E-League, but the whole team proved them wrong and surprised everyone by defeating G2 eSports and FaZe at the Last Chance Qualifier and moving to the semifinals against Astralis.

The first game in the Last Chance Qualifier was against G2 eSports, who came back on the first two maps after a massive lead from mousesports and pushed the game to a third map. Overpass as the last map showed what the teams are capable of. After the second overtime in this Best of Three, mousesports defeated G2 eSports 19:17 and moved on to play FaZe in the qualifier final for one of the playoff spots.


In the last series of the qualifier mousesports had a bad start and lost on Train 9:16. At this point everyone thought they are out of E-League, but they brought it back after rolling over FaZe on Dust 2 with a 16:3 Score and were ready for the last map: Cache.


Cache was a thriller with both teams delivering on their absolute limit. Featuring a lot of good plays in this game moments like the Desert Eagle Ace from Nicola ‘NiKo’ Kovac pushed the game over the line in overtime in favour of mousesports.



After that game mousesports made it to the playoffs, but they knew the real action only just started. In the quarterfinals against Astralis, a very strong enemy, the fans had hope that mousesports will deliver again.


Unlike at ESL One Cologne, mousesports continued performed as a perfect combination of skill and teamwork and rolled over Astralis with a 16:2 scoreline on Mirage. On that map everyone from the team performed well, but Chris "ChrisJ" de Jong had an overwhelming game with a rating from 1.70.


The second map was mousesports map pick and they showed why it’s their playground. They lost the first half 7:8 on CT-Side, but brought it back with good tactics and a calm and focused team. They closed the map 16:12 after being 7:11 behind. It was one of the maps were Nicola ‘NiKo’ Kovac just stood up and performed at a world star level to win a lot of key rounds with nearly getting 30 kills in the end.


After winning against Astralis the next quest is to reach the finals by winning against Virtus Pro at the semifinals this weekend. Mousesports will stay one more week in Atlanta and prepare for the upcoming match to surprise the analysts by hopefully moving on to the finals against either Fnatic or Natus Vincere.


But Virtus Pro showed what they are capable off by defeating NiP 2:0 in the quarterfinals. They looked strong, especially with Filip “NEO” Kubski hitting shots like back in CS 1.6. Out of the last 27 Maps between these two teams, mousesports won 12 and Virtus Pro won 15, so this is as close as it can get. If they are able to get the momentum, this will be a hard match for mousesports and Virtus Pro, but definitely a series of good Counter-Strike.


The semifinal between mousesports and Virtus Pro will be streamed on the Twitch Channel of E-League and starts on Sunday, July 30th, 04:00 (CEST).


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