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Mousesports went onto a DreamHack tour to Jönköping & Denver in the end of 2017, as the team competed in both DreamHack Masters tournament, placing second and third respectively.


DreamHack Winter, the world’s largest gaming festival each year, not only had thousands of gamers gathered for the latest games and esports titles, but also a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Eight teams, including mousesports battled for a total of $100,000 USD prize money in Jönköping, Sweden.


In their first match, mousesports went head-to-head with the surprising winners of the European qualifier, North Academy. After a 10-5 lead on Cobblestone (CT side), mousesports quickly sealed the deal to win 16-6 in their opening match to face EnVyUs in the WB final of group B - a game which they would lose 12-16 to the French team.


With one more chance for the semifinals, mousesports faced BIG in the consolation final of group B on Overpass & Mirage. After a promising 16-9 victory on BIG’s map pick Overpass, the team led by Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong went on to a landslide 16-3 win on Mirage to knock BIG out of DreamHack Winter 2017 and advance to the semifinal against Gambit.


Right of the bat, the crowd at Elmia saw a mousesports willing to live up to the expectations, as they convert a 10-5 halftime lead on the first map (Nuke) to a 16-9 victory to take the lead in the best-of-three series against Gambit Esports. After winning the first map, mousesports went on to win 16-1 on the second map Train for a 2-0 series victory and their third Grand Final since shooting star Robin „ropz“ Kool joined the roster in April 2017.


The Grand Final of DreamHack Winter 2017 saw mousesports and Natus Vincere battling it out for the majority of the $100,000 USD prize pool, with the better end for the Ukrainian team: After a tough 4-16 defeat on Cobblestone, mousesports was able to strike back on Inferno, leading 9-6 at halftime on T side, but couldn’t stop the aggressive attacks from NaVi in the second half to eventually lose the map and the Grand Final to finish DreamHack Winter 2017 on second place.


mousesports victorious at DH Winter (Photo: HLTV.org)

mousesports victorious at DH Winter (Photo: HLTV.org)


Final Standings DH Winter 2017

  1. Natus Vincere - $50,000 USD
  2. mousesports - $20,000 USD
  3. Team EnVyUs - $10,000 USD
  4. Gambit Esports - $10,000 USD
  5. Heroic - $3,000 USD
  6. BIG - $3,000 USD
  7. Rise Nation - $2,000 USD
  8. North Academy - $2,000 USD


About five weeks prior to DreamHack Winter, eight teams got the chance to compete in Denver, Colorado, for another total prize money of $100,000 USD at the DreamHack Masters Denver event. While mousesports had no problems to defeat Team LDLC with 16-4 on Nuke, the team struggled on day two, resulting in a surprising 10-16 defeat to BIG on Train.


After their unexpected performance against BIG, mousesports quickly turned the tide and went back on form against Team LDLC in the consolation final of group B, with the winner advancing to the semifinals. Just like on opening day, mousesports started furiously against LDLC, winning Nuke 16-2. Sitting on match point for the second map, mousesports continued to dominate LDLC, winning 16-4 on Cobblestone, allowing LDLC to win no more than six rounds in the entire best-of-three series.


Due to their struggling performance on day two, mousesports was set to face Cloud9 - a matchup most experts predicted for the Grand Final - in the semifinals of DreamHack Denver 2017. The first map went the entire distance to the 30th round, as Cloud9 edged out a 16-14 victory over mousesports on Cobblestone. The second map (Mirage) went in favor of mousesports, as the European team converted an 11-4 halftime lead to a 16-10 victory to force Cloud9 onto a third and final map in the semifinal best-of-three series.


On Overpass, one team had to win in order to advance to the Grand Final. Both teams traded rounds back and forth which led to a 15:15 draw after regulation, so a winner had to be found in overtime. In the end, Cloud9 came out victorious after double OT, winning 22-18, while mousesports finishes DreamHack Denver 2017 on third place.


mousesports STYKO during the winners interview on stage (Photo: HLTV.org) mousesports STYKO during the winners interview on stage (Photo: HLTV.org)


Final Standings DH Denver 2017

  1. Cloud9 - $50,000 USD
  2. BIG - $20,000 USD
  3. mousesports - $10,000 USD
  4. Renegades - $10,000 USD
  5. Counter Logic Gaming - $3,000 USD
  6. Team LDLC - $3,000 USD
  7. Tempo Storm - $2,000 USD
  8. NRG Esports - $2,000 USD

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