Mobile Gaming is on the verge of becoming a highly popular esports discipline. With millions of players from all accross the world, Vainglory is set to lead the charge for professional gaming on tablets and handhelds.

The mousesports Vainglory team is a feared competitor on the battlefield, having placed in the top 4 in Europe for the past seasons.


Vainglory8 Summer Live Championship

9th place
September 2017

Vainglory8 Summer Season EU

3rd place
August 2017

Evil 8 Summer Split 2

4th place
August 2016

Evil 8 Summer Split 1

5th place
July 2016

VGL Spring Championship

3rd place
June 2016

2016 VGL Spring Qualifier #2

4th place ($300 USD)
May 2016

2016 VGL Spring Qualifier #1

4th place ($300 USD)
April 2016

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